Waterproof, cleanable and made using 100% recycled paper, INCREDIBLE.
After Cleaning
Fibre Rock Compartments are made from a solid surface material that has a non-porous surface provides a lifetime of stain resistance and it absorbs virtually no water.
The Guardian Advantage: We use top quality materials….and it shows.

Pigments not Dyes:All Guardian Composite products are made using high quality pigments which are added to the paper during the resin saturation stage. Unlike dyes, which are dissolved, pigments are solid particles.The advantages of pigments are well documented including longer lasting, more water resistant, and more fad resistant. Guardian Composite materials use top quality organic pigments. 

Thicker Paper:Guardian Composite is made from thicker paper than similar products, reducing sand through where the next paper layer becomes exposed and visible.Thicker paper gives guardian the ability to machine and finish the compartments to a higher level of quality and consistent coloration.

Petroleum Free Resins:All Guardian Composite panel are made using proprietary US Made non-petroleum based resins.Resins developed specifically for this composite material give unprecedented quality control. 

Hardware:Fibre Rock Compartment Hardware is made from heavy duty, durable Stainless steel. Premium hardware is our standard. A full line of hardware options are available to meet your needs.