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Fully Automatic
Infra Red Sensor
30 second safety timer

Short Drying Time -10-15 seconds at standard setting
Quiet 64dB at Eco-setting
Lowest noise in its category
Noise suppression technology
Low Running Cost
Low Consumption
Long Service life
Adjustable Motor speed

Over 57% saving in energy Consumption compared to equivalent dryers
Minimal Carbon Foot Print
Lowest possible energy use
Lowest possible carbon footprint
Warm Air Drying for comfort and efficiency. Available to be turned on or off.

4" Deep - ADA compliant protuding only 4". (no recess kit required)

Adjustable Air Speed - You have full control over power use and noise level.

Efficiency - Unsurpassed savings in energy and cost compared to other similar dryers and paper towels.
Saniflow speedflow
Fastest 4" Deep High Speed Dryer

M06A -Steel with white epoxy finish.
Tech Data
M06AF - Cast Iron with white porcelain enamel finish.
Tech Data
M06AB - Steel with black epoxy finish.
Tech Data
M06AC - 304 Stainless steel with bright finish.
Tech Data
M06ACS - 304 Stainless steel with satin finish.
Tech Data