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Solid Plastic - High Density Polyethylene

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LEED - Toilet and Shower Compartments

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 All of the materials used to manufacture our products are recyclable and every possible effort is made to keep manufacturing waste from reaching the landfill. 99% of our process waste materials are recycled either through our vendors, or through local recycling centers.
We currently offer a Partition Return Program  by which a concerned facility manager can insure that the outdated or abused polymer partitions and connections do not end up in a landfill, but are recycled into usable products. In an effort to support environmental preservation, we offer both post consumer and post industrial recycled component materials.
We strongly believe in the Lean Manufacturing Methodology and strives for continuous improvement on our manufacturing floor. The Lean Methodology is a system designed to organize and manage operations and product development that requires less time, less space, less financial resources while providing products that accommodate the customer's specific needs. Waste comes in many forms and it is Legacy's top priority to eliminate it. Wasted motion, overproduction, defects, and elevated inventory levels are detrimental to an organizations success. Constant evaluation of transportation reduces both costs and unnecessary use of fossil fuels.
100% recyclable

Contains 30-75% Post Industrial Content

Available with 100% Post Consumer Content

Since its introduction as a durable, graffiti-resistant material for restroom partition and doors, Polymer HDPE continues to set the bar on quality and lasting appearance. Its low inherent stress ensures consistent flatness and stability in fabrication and use that set it apart from the competition. This durable and versatile material and its wide range of colors serves a wide variety of interior institutional and recreational applications