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Front Line Accessories
Washroom Accessories

Exceeding the requirements for the abusive public restroom environment our accessories are designed to complement the fixture and partition products we represent in aesthetics and durability.

Public restrooms are typically the most expensive areas to maintain in a building. These locations are also the most likely to be regularly vandalized or destroyed. Traditionally, washroom accessories are the most vulnerable products and prone to get damage. This inevitability has been accepted begrudgingly by maintenance professionals for years. The solution is Front Line.

The stainless steel used for Front Line Accessories is type 304. The welds are all continuous and ground smooth with no burrs or sharp edges. (These are all done by hand to very strict specifications). All hinges used are stainless steel and continuous piano design. The locking mechanisms are cam barrel components, virtually impossible to vandalize. The attachments to adjacent walls or toilet compartments are theft resistant screws or through bolts. These features coupled with 12-14 gauge construction allow Front Line to withstand unspeakable vandalism and still function very well.

Thoughtful engineering with input from maintenance professionals has shaped the design of these institutional accessories into a commercial looking fixture. Paper dispensers which only allow a single sheet dispensed at a time reduce paper waste and eliminate the use of paper products as vandal tools for clogging plumbing. The Front Line mirror has no glass and a replaceable protective plastic sheet, which can be maintained easily and inexpensively.

Please try some or all of these products in your most vandal prone restrooms, if they don't meet your expectations orcombat vandalism as claimed, you will be refunded your money.